At Fletcher Brown Skin Clinic we use a scientific approach to skin care. This is why we have Dermal Clinicians performing skin & laser treatments. Dermal Clinicians have completed a Health/Science Degree specialising in skin.

Dermal Clinicians are the best trained & educated therapists available for skin advice and medical grade skin treatments.

It is because of this passion for having the best available that we also have our Cosmetic Doctor, Dr Ed Omarjee on board performing cosmetic injectables, cosmetic vein removal, skin checks and mole removals, skin & scarring treatments.

Dr Ed has over 10 years’ experience as a Cosmetic Doctor and keeps up to date with the latest trends in cosmetic treatments by attending national and international workshops and conferences regularly. Dr Ed is highly committed to excellence in cosmetic results and patient care & has undergone extensive training in this specialised area of medicine.

Ones of Australia’s very best plastic surgeons Andrew Ives consults from Fletcher Brown Skin Clinic.

Mr Ives comes from a background of reconstructive surgery and now also works in the Alfred Hospitals burns unit.

Mr Ives will privately take you through any questions you have in a secure, private & caring way.

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